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About [fP]

Founded in March of 2003, Fatal Punishers have made a great name for themselves in the gaming world, not only because we are about “the game” but because we are about the people that come together to play the game.

We are an extremely diverse group of people, from all walks of life who come together for not only gaming, but friendships, chats, advice and most importantly...fun. Though our common love for the game brought us together, we have grown to be much more than a “gaming” clan.

Our members come from countries all over the globe (Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Swizerland, The Netherlands, USA, etc.) We range in age from young adults to young at heart, but all carry a mature attitude (well most of the time)

Our top priority in [fP], is to have a good time. We are not as concerned with stats and ladders as we are making sure fun is had by all. We invite you to join us in our servers, chat and forums, to see just what we are all about.

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