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[fP] Demo 2 Stats Here u can see how the [fP] server are doin on the world rank.. (how many there use it)
Clans & Gaming Communities
Quakenet This is the IRC server we currently use, join our chat! :)
Gamedesign Online Enemy Territory tools and maps (MLB)
Punksbusted Admin anti-cheat tool/Master ban list
Punkbuster A tool used by many games to spot cheaters (and lots more :)).
-|FG|- Clan - Flame Guards A large friendly ET Commynity
MPfreeUK "All around the world and back again" with Queen Jane and Princess Kittehs favorite fireman, aka DJ Frags ;)
Burstfire Networks Need a good host for your colo? We recommend  http://www.burstfire.net/ , nice people, great prices and also a very great ping on their network!
Gameage Networks sadly no more... thanks to pirus for all u did for dc2 and gamers in general (sponsored aliasfinder) all round great guy :)
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